My DXpeditions

If only time permits I try to organize operations to remote countries which are interested and needed for other HAMs – countries where there are very few amateurs. It is always a great pleasure and fun to work on bands in the pile-up’s of calling stations. The other important aspect of such expeditions is meeting new friends and getting to know other cultures.

More info about my DXpeditions is published in “HAM Radio” section.

  • 5J0P (2016)
  • 5T0SP (2012)
  • FJ/SP6IXF (2008)
  • FS/SP6IXF (2008)
  • J88HL (2014)
  • OY/SP6IXF (2008)
  • OZ/SP6IXF (Bornholm Is. EU-030, many trips starting from 2011)
  • PJ5/SP6IXF & PJ5/SO6X (2011)
  • PJ5/SP6IXF (2010)
  • V5/SP6IXF (2005)
  • V51/SP6IXF (2002)
  • VK9XSP (2014)

The complete list of my DX activities can be found at